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Will 2015 be the Year of Public Sector Digital Service Delivery?

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With the acceleration of the implementation of public service delivery platforms in both the U.S and elsewhere, my mission “… to help technical leaders make digital services secure and trustworthy” continues to remain relevant and is not going to change.

However, based on lessons learned over the last two years I want to try some new ways of delivering that information, so expect some tweaks and changes going forward.

It would appear that I have some new readers to my blog after being recently recognized as a “Must-Read Federal IT Blog of 2014” by FedTech Magazine.

How to get the most value from this blog

I’ve been blogging since about 2003, which has resulted in a bit of content, so wanted to take a quick moment to orient you to get the most value out of this site.

A recommendation is to start with the topical areas such as Risk, Authentication, Identity Proofing, Enrollment and more which can be found in the navigation tabs near the top of the home page.

Each topical area will provide an introduction and pointers to in-depth blog posts on that topic.

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How can I help you be successful?

I love to hear from my readers about the challenges you are facing, approaches you are considering, solutions you have implemented, and how I can help you be successful.

I would encourage you to leave comments and questions on the blog entries and, if you have specific questions, feel free to reach out so we can chat.

Dream big. Have an adventure!

Finally, and on a personal note, I would encourage everyone to dream big and plan to have at least one big adventure this year!

Regular readers of my blog know that I am pretty fanatical about hiking and backpacking and have at least one big ‘disconnect-from-everything’ and ‘get-out-into-the-middle-of-nowhere’ trip every year.

Last year it was backpacking Glacier National Park and hiking Banff National Park in Canada, and the year before it was backpacking Yellowstone National Park and so on.

This year, my sights are set on Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc, which circumnavigates the massif of the highest peak in the Alps across three different countries (France, Italy, Switzerland), while trekking over several mountain passes with some of Europe’s most dramatic glaciers and mountain views on display.

This is going to be an awesome year!

QUESTION: What will your adventure be this year?


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