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Backpacking Yellowstone National Park

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Spectacular scenery combined with solitude in the outdoors is something that you can find when backpacking. I recently had the opportunity to do a multi-day backpacking trip into the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. It was an immensely enjoyable trip!

View from Electric Pass, which was the highest point on the trip, at 9842 ft:

View from where I pitched my tent on the second night at Sportsman’s Lake:

View of Fan Creek and meadow while hiking out the last day:

The jumping off point for the trip was Bozeman, Montana so got to spend a couple of afternoon’s just hanging out in the area. Really enjoyed visting the Museum of the Rockies (Dinosaurs, Space, Guns), American Computer and Robotics Museum (An original Apple 1 computer donated by Woz, Robbie the Robot), eating a bison steak at Ted’s Montana Grill and catching a great cup of coffee and live music at Wild Joe * s Coffee Spot.


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