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The pursuit of happiness

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These days, I tend to get a lot of the “What are you doing now?” question. So here is a partial answer.

The pursuit of happiness

In my earlier work life, my answer to “How are you?” was the standard one used by professionally happy people everywhere - “I am doing great, but you know how it is -shrug- Busy!”

At which point the person who asked the question nodded sagely in shared understanding and we moved on.

These days I am spending my time being NOT busy by choice, and in the disciplined pursuit of what is important.

I am learning how to cook, which has made my wife immensely happy, am training with my daughter for our upcoming multi-week trek in the Alps (Tour du Mont Blanc), and recently finished a fun project with my son, to build a Hackintosh.

And because identity/security/privacy/digital-service-delivery is a source of interest and a career rather than just a job for me, I am producing a personally curated weekly newsletter and a weekly podcast on those topics.

If you don’t already, I would encourage you to subscribe to receive a weekly selection of the best news, trends and insights on identity, security, privacy and digital service delivery that separates the interesting and informative from the mind-numbing and marketing.

And finally, I am doing some very selective, part-time consulting with folks who I believe are doing interesting and worthwhile work, who value my contributions to that work, and whose company I enjoy.

In short, I am doing all the things that I was “too busy” to do before, while still having the energy and the time to hang out and grab a lunch or a coffee with friends and family.

Life. Enjoy it. You get to do it only once!

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