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My Three Wishes for the Public Sector Identity Genie

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Identity is the starting point for most public sector business processes that touch citizens. Only when identity has been established do all subsequent public sector online activities, ranging from transactional services to benefits delivery proceed.

In a magical world, these are the three wishes I would ask for from the public sector identity genie, in order to deliver more effective online services:

1) Make Metrics Matter If you are not measuring the right things, you have no idea when you are doing well or doing poorly.

  • What are the top 10 transactions that a citizen conducts with the public sector?
  • What is the cost/transaction? How much of that cost is identity related?
  • Justify with data the choice of internal identity implementation vs. shared services

2) Enable Expertise Build, within government, highly skilled multi-disciplinary technical and policy expertise that can be used, across Agencies, to deliver critical public sector services.

  • Highlight the really interesting problems that need solutions; that attracts the best
  • Build the A-Team because it is important and it matters
  • Encourage long term commitment to public service rather than short term stints

3) Share Solutions Create a cross-jurisdiction Identity Assurance Federal Advisory Committee to tackle the intersection of citizen benefits delivery, fraud and identity

  • Benefits delivery and fraud cross jurisdictional boundaries; solutions need to cross them as well
  • Leverage the expertise from federal, state, local, tribal jurisdictions and industry sectors
  • Commitment to openly sharing solutions

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