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Government Shutdown and Furlough

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Documenting for posterity the new, to me, experience of being placed on furlough:

You will be in a non-pay and non-duty status during the furlough. Additionally, you will not be permitted to serve as an unpaid volunteer, you must remain away from the workplace, and you are prohibited from working in any way, including teleworking, until you hear or are notified that our appropriations have been approved. If you were approved for leave (LWOP, annual, sick, etc.) during the furlough period, it is cancelled; however, cancelled annual or sick leave is not forfeited and can be used later. You may not use government-provided information technology or other equipment, including your work laptop, cell phone, or other mobile devices, except to intermittently check for updates on furlough or recall (return to work) status.

Email Notice of Furlough

Near term plans:

  • Grab a relaxing coffee or lunch with friends and old colleagues
  • Make headway on my reading list
  • Go on long day hikes

UPDATE 10/6/2013: Feeling a bit like a singer with his mouth taped shut!

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